Run For Unity How To Register in Event

Recently, the Gujarat state government has announced one record breaking marathon run called Run For Unity Program. The registration of event is already started on the site. In this event, All People from India who are 15 year or above can participate into it. The Run For Unity event is actually focused on the Statue Of Unity project. It lets us to remember the Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Of India. Who’ve merged princely states with new India on the time of an independency. You can register online at website too.

However, The Statue of unity project is bigger as well. On the other side, Narendra Modi the visionary Cheif Minister of Gujarat State and his government announced the rocking Run for unity event. The Guinness book of World records officials will be present there, to check whether it can break an existing old world record or not.

We already discussed about this runofunity event, It’s place, event time and securities and many more.

You can read everything about the Run For Unity event here.

RunForUnity Event : How to register online ? Run For Unity Event

Run For Unity Event

To Register yourself online in this event :

  • Your age must be15 Years or above.
  • Everyone can register in this event.

Here we’ve figured out some steps to register in the run of unity event. It will help you to register easily in the runforunity event online on website.

Follow This steps to Regsiter online for Run For Unity Event :

Note : You must have an active and working internet connection to open the official website of run for unity campaign.

Step 1 :  First of all, open the official website of runforunity event at
Step 2 :  Now on the website, there is one button on the bottom right corner named as “Register”. (Look picture below) Click on the button.

Run For Unity Event Register Online Button

Run For Unity Event Register Online

Step 3 : On next page, it will present one form to you show as below.


Run For Unity Event Online Registration Form

Fill Up Registration Form For Run For Unity Event and Click on Submit Button

Step 4 : After clicking the submit button. You’re ready !! You’ve registered successfully for a run for unity event. Now you can appear in that event.

Solutions to Website Problems :

We’ve received many requests from the readers, who are trying to register on website, but getting many errors. We’ve figured out the problems over here. If you are register online for gujarat then open website. it is open for registrations for gujarat peoples for the run for unity event. on other side the is open for india level. but on website you can register on gujarat level being in gujarat.

1) says Error : Adobe Flash Player is not installed :

– Run For Unity Website is created in Adobe Flash Player version. So to open that website, your internet software (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) must have flash player installed in it.

– To Install Flash Player, first of all Download Adobe Flash Player from here. Clicking here will open new page in new web browser window. On that windows Click on “Install” Button. The size of Adobe Flash Player Program is 17.8MB.

2) says Error 404 not found :

–  Please, Check if your internet is working or not. (try to open other websites)

– If your internet is working, then the error is from the server of Run For Unity Website. In that case, We will suggest you to wait for some time and try to register again.

3) I can’t copy any text from website :

– The website is created using Adobe Flash, So you can’t copy any text from it.

4) How can I share about this event to my friends to join more ?

– You can share it to your friends by copying the link from web browser address bar or there are social media sharing buttons on right bottom corner on the website.

– Secondarily, you can share to your friends easily using our social media sharing icons below.

5) My City, Town or District (Taluka) is not available in the list ?

– If Run For Unity is not being organized on your Taluka level, then probably the option will not available for you in the form.

– For more details, contact your nearest government office for regular updates.

6) Still i’ve problems, What i do ?

– If still you’re having problems or if you have any questions.

– Kindly comment below with your questions and valid email address. So we can help you right away.


Hope you spread the word about the Iron Man of India. Tell your many many friends about this event and tell them to join in event at 15 December 2013 at 8:00 am in the Morning. The Run For Unity event is based on India. So any indian can participate in it. So don’t wait head over to the or if you’re in Gujarat, then open website and register before the end dates or program.

Updated : 8 December 2013, 9:00 PM (Indian Standard Time)

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  1. subhash dhull says

    yes i am join this event for our country iron man sardar patel and narendera modi my best political person our next PM is sh NARENDERA MODI

  2. Nikhilesh Tripathi says

    jis tarah Sardar patel ne desh ko ek karne k liye adi mehanat aur sangharsh kiya ……us mahatma k liye…….banane ….statue of unity k liye…..Ajjj k jannayak Manniya Narendra Modi…..ji ko hardik Dhanyabad..
    Nikhil Tripathi

    • Neha says

      It’s very easy pragnesh.
      Go to site mentioned above.
      Click on register button on site.
      One form will open, fill that and you’re done.

  3. Annapurna.K says

    Thanks for your reply. As my state and city is not listed in the Registration form it is not accepting my Registration. I am living in Bangalore. Myself and some of my friends eager to participate in the Run. What is the solution?

    • Neha says

      Yes Annapurna.
      I saw that there is only one “Location” listed under Bangalore and it’s sub district that is “BBMP”. But in case of run for unity registration unavailability in your local area, you can participate in event by going to other area. I mean You can register for your nearest area. e.g; Bangalore Rural or any town or village nearby your location.

      *I am telling you this, because my many friends have registered themselves on other towns (because their town was not available in run for unity registration form)

      I hope you understand.

      • Annapurna.K says

        Thanks and sorry to trouble you again in the location List only Andrapradesh, Arunachal Pradesh,Assam Bihar and Chandigarh, Chattisgarh are listed no other state is mentioned there. They have not listed Bangalore. Can I register in Andrapradesh but they will mention in the certificate as Andrapradesh!!!

        • Neha says

          Yes, they might mention Andhra Pradesh !! ( But it’s not important to keep your state in certificate if the event is being not organized on your area, because of our large democracy, they limited it to the 29 states + 6 union territories of india across the 1000+ locations. )

          But keep in mind that they will send SMS and Email from 13th December-14th December to inform you about the final venue of the run.

          Note : *Soon, We will post more in-depth details about event rules and venue details on our website on 12th December. So stay tuned with our website. You can subscribe for mail notification over here.

    • Neha says

      According to the officials, Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation in run for unity event on the spot. So, you need to register yourself on website.

  4. Amaresh Panda says

    It is great achivement of every indian people, this is very good step to unity the people of india.
    unity be stand divided we fall.statue of unity shows that make INDIA powerful all over the world.


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